I'm Jenny,  founder of Soleigiro and a licensed Master Esthetician. I love what I do, and I'am  happy to share my knowledge with others. This not only my job, but also my passion.  I believe the proper knowledge of skin care can not only change  somebody's look but also boost  their confidence.  I care about my clientele.  Now days esthetics is changing and evolving fast. Esthetics is leaping forward with giant strides. That is why I'm constantly continuing my education by learning in the US, Europe and Russia.

How is my approach different? Understanding facial morphotypes while combining different techniques  makes me able to find an individual approach for everyone.  Working in tandem with different  face massages allows us achieve immediate results. No two people receive the same treatment, I customize every facial. 

Thank you for taking your time  and visiting my website. I hope to see you in my treatment room soon

  • September 2015-2017 Clover Park Technical College,  Lakewood WA, Masters in Esthetics

  • May 2017- Exuviance training, WA

  • July 2017- Lira training, WA

  • October 2017- Anatomy and lymphatic drainage massage, Estonia

  • November 2017- Modeling a new face, Myofascial face massage, Estonia

  • November 2017- Theoretical/practical training on Pharmacology in mesotherapy, Estonia

  • November 2017- Biorevitalization without needles. PRX-T33, Estonia

  • November 2017- New Concept of using chemical peel in aesthetics. INNO-Peel, Spain

  • November 2017 -Oncology Esthetics, Renton. WA

  • June 2018- Mastering the Electric Equipment in your cabin. CIDESCO USA, CA

  • June 2018- The art and Science for best facial massage. CIDESCCO USA, CA

  • June 2018- Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Photoaging by Nelly Devust. CA

  • June 2018-LED training by Light Stim on-line.

  • June 2018-The advanced power of Lightwave. CA

  • August 2018 -SMAS-lifting massage by Andrey Laptev, Moscow.

  • September 2018- Gua Sha face massage, WA

  • September 2018-Face Cupping, WA

  • Oktober 2018-Reiki, Usui system of natural healing

                                                     To be continued..

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